Dalls Porpoise



Feared to be endangered?


Dalls Porpoise is a species of a porpoise. It is named after William H. Dall, a zoologist who was the first to identify it. Dall’s Porpoise belongs to the family of Phocoenidae. Sometimes the fishermen and even scientist confused them with dolphins (though they may deny it!). They think that either word can be used to mean exact same mammals but it is not and they shouldn’t be called interchangeably. Dalls Porpoise are smaller than of Dolphins. What’s more difference between them is the beak. The Dolphins usually have beaks and more noticeable dorsal fins whereas with Dalls Porpoise, they don’t have beaks.

Dalls Porpoise feed on small fishes and they usually go to open seas where they can find many. They are usually found in North Pacific Ocean from Japan to Southern California and as far north as Bering Sea. This beautiful mammal lived for about 16-17 years. No one knows yet (even the scientist) on how they die. But mostly this mammal died because of by-catch in fishing nets. And sometimes, people are really aimed to hunt for them. No worries, IWC or International Whaling Comission are already doing something about this matter.

The series of pictures below are some evident of poor killings of this mammal.

Not good eh!!!

should hunting be stopped?The usual cause of death

Although, Dalls Porpoise have been captive for many years now, their population is still abundant. Dalls Porpoise is NOT an endangered species.

Dolphin Watching: Dall’s Porpoise Conservation

Dalls Porpoise can been seen in some near coastal areas and some people can see them because whenever a boat comes by, a Dalls Porpoise will catch its wave and do a little “roaster tail”. But you can also see them in some conservation places where they allow dolphin watching along with this mammal.

There are many oceanarium and aquatic resorts nowadays that are featuring this friendly mammal and these places are also considered to be the conservation place of Dalls Porpoise as they took very good care of the sea creature.