Porpoises are cetaceans that are related to dolphins and whales. This species is commonly found in all oceans except in the waters of the Arctic and Antarctic.These marine creatures are subdivided into different species. Here are some info the different porpoises species:

  • Harbor Porpoise
    The harbor porpoise is one of the most common types of porpoises. It is very popular among whale watchers primarily because it stays close in the shallow waters of river estuaries and coastal areas.Harbor porpoises commonly feed on small fishes. This includes sprat, herring, and capelin.
  • Vaquita
    The vaquita is the smallest type of porpoise. It measures only about 4 to 5 feet and weighs not more than 140 pounds. This marine creature features a small stocky body with a small head. It also has a short muzzle with grey lip patches.The vaquita lives in shallow lagoons and shorelines. They are mostly found in the Gulf of California.
  • Spectacled Porpoise
    The spectacled porpoise is perhaps the rarest type of porpoise. It is known for its distinct dark ring around the eye that distinguishes it from the other species. They also have a black body with white patches underneath. Spectacled Porpoises are also active and fast