Porpoises are interesting and fascinating marine creatures. They are regarded not only for their unique physical characteristics but also for their intelligence and distinct behavior.Here are some quick facts to help you learn more about this fantastic specie:

  • Porpoises are considered as the smallest toothed whale.
  • Porpoises are smaller than dolphins. They commonly measure about six to eight feet long.
  • Instead of beaks, porpoises have blunt muzzles. They also have flat spear-shaped teeth that are used to eat small fish, shrimps, and squids.
  • Porpoises have thick bodies. They also have a distinct black color with white patches.
  • Porpoises thrive in all oceans except in the Antarctic and the Arctic. They mostly swim near the shore and are occasionally found in rivers.
  • The harbor porpoise is perhaps the most common porpoise specie. It features a black body with pinkish gray sides. It is commonly found in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
  • The smallest type of porpoise is called the Vaquita. It measures only 4.92 feet in length with an average weight of 50 kilograms. Vaquitas are also considered endangered cetaceans with an estimated population 100 to 300.
  • Like some whale, porpoises also communicate using sounds. They are known to produce a distinct sound and use echolocation to locate and prevent preys.